We Are Committed to Advances in Cancer Treatment.

Citizens for Medical Isotopes is a national, non-profit organization. Our members include physicians, research scientists, cancer patients and their familes, and concerned citizens. Click here for a listing of our Board of Directors.

We believe that medical isotopes offer an extremely promising alternative for diagnosing and treating not only a wide variety of cancers – including two of the most prevalent types, breast and prostate – but also other diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

We are concerned that the promise of isotopes may not be fulfilled unless we make our voices heard. Progress with medical isotopes is being delayed by dynamics outside of researchers’ control. For example:

  • Political pressures threaten production of enough isotopes – in fact, federal facilities that produce the isotopes are being shut down at an alarming rate.
  • Progress is held back by the complete unavailability of certain key research isotopes.
  • Companies that develop new cancer treatments are reluctant to invest in good treatment ideas when isotope supplies are unreliable.
  • Many patients and even doctors are unaware of exciting new treatments that use medical isotopes.

The U.S. government must invest in isotope production facilities, so that researchers and pharmaceutical companies can be assured of an available supply of medical isotopes. Only then will people have access to the full range of treatment options. A nation as prosperous as ours should be able to ensure first-class health care for its citizens, and its citizens should accept nothing less.

Our Goals

  • Double the national medical isotopes research budget.
  • Double the number of clinical trials and increase patient access to medical isotopes trials.
  • Educate and inform patients, citizens and leaders about promising new medical isotope-based therapies.
  • Educate and inform private and government insurers about the importance of covering these promising new medical isotope treatments, especially for older citizens who are the most at risk.
  • Increase the quantity, quality, reliability, and variety of isotopes from all sources for medical/therapeutic uses.
  • Establish a Medical Isotopes Institute to conduct clinical trials, treat patients and train physicians.

Together, we can accomplish our goals.